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[April] Illinois Marathon

2011.03.07 20:33

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Third Annual Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon

In just two short years, the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon has become one of the most popular spring running events in the Midwest… and arguably, the country. With over 9,000 participants in our inaugural year and over 14,000 in 2010, the Illinois Marathon has quickly become a destination race for people from all over!

Here are just a few of the reasons why you’ll want to join us in 2011:

  • Flat and fast courses… A beautiful, scenic tour of revitalized downtown streets, tree-lined residential neighborhoods and awesome, paved park trails
  • Thousands of friendly, fun fans and volunteers from Champaign-Urbana who exemplify Midwest hospitality
  • First-class race shirts, medals, food, and fanfare
  • The University of Illinois Memorial Stadium Finish Line and the rockin’ 27th-Mile Celebration Victory Bash… WOW!



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